Has been established on 1st July 2014 under the leadership of the principal & the commuty hold a meeting on 20 Sep 2014 with the Presence all IQAC Member A meeting of the committee members (IQAC) was held on 20 September 2014 at 12.30p.m in the office of the Principal, COEB, Koustuv Technical Campus regarding Internal Quality Assurance Cell affairs of the college.

Members Present

1. Dr. Subrat Kumar Mohanty, Principal, COEB, Chairperson.
2. Dr. Sadasiv Dash, (Registrar), Member
3. Prof. Sujit Kumar Khuntia, Coordinator, Member, Secretary
4. Dr. Simanchal Panda, HOD (Civil), Member
5. Er. S.K. Rout, Asst, E.D, OCL, Member
6. Mr. Bibhas Ranjan Parida, HOD (CS & IT), Member
7. Mr. Abhaya Kumar Mohanty, Development Officer, Member
8. Mr. Puspa Ranjan Swain, HOD (Auto), Member
9. Mr. Pradipta Kumar Nayak, HOD (EEE), Member
10. Mr. S.R Swain, HOD (ETC), Member
11. Dr. K.C Swain, Director (USBM), Member

At the outset the Chairperson addressed all the members present and explained the aims of the meeting and invited healthy deliberations by the members on the issues related to the IQCL of the college. After having a thorough deliberation on different issues the following decisions were unanimously arrived at:

In the meeting it was decided :

1. To accredit College of Engineering Bhubaneswar, BBSR by the NAAC

2. To update the existing automated COEB Library and for the purpose the college system administrator shall be asked to make necessary modifications in the existing software. 3. To Maintain and manage the two existing state-of–the-art Language labs COEB which have the required infrastructure and equipments along with all the latest installed software.

4. To improve and manage our well facilitated CEB library (stocked with the latest books and study materials) and the reading room for faculty and students with additional facilities because of the increased intake of students and faculty members at the college.

5. To take necessary steps in order to enroll more nos. of students in the registered alumni association of the College.

6. To make a proposal to implement the solar lighting system for the entire college campus with the help of the Renewal energy project of the college.

7. To take steps for its implementation of ERP software for automation and smooth functioning of the affairs.

Other Issues Reviewed:
Advertising & Publicity :

1. Regarding the publicity of the college through the print and electronic media it was found that the publicity is being done on a regular basis through local dailies like Nakshatrajyoti, The Samaj, and The Dharitri in odisha and through Janjagran etc. in neighboring states like Bihar and Jharkhand. Again electronics media like Nakshatra News Odisha, Nakshatra News Bihar & Jharkhand etc. are used for this purpose. The publicity is also done through various seminars held at regular intervals.

2. The Website of the college is regularly upgraded and activated on for which currently no further technical steps in this direction may be required.

Innovative Practices adopted :
1. The college has adopted innovative practices in the field of science and Technology. In this direction the ongoing project on renewable energy of the college is under progress and the practices of renewable harvesting is already been adopted which should be carried out uninterrupted.

2. The college has already implemented the system of smart classroom with LCD projector in all the Departments. This has improved the desirable pedagogical activities in the college.

3. The Departmental libraries of each department are working efficiently to cater to the academic needs of the students.

4. The college’s institutional tie-up with the following institutions like CIPET, TCS, IIT Mumbai, IIT Kharagpur, Framework, Infosys- Campus Connect and Wipro Mission 10X has resulted in improving the placement opportunities for the students of the college.

5. CEB has planned to sign-up institutional tie up for faculty and student exchange programs which shall include extracurricular activities through IQAC of the college. Further decisions in this regard shall be taken in the next meeting to be held on 10th Octpber,2014. 10th Octpber,2014.

There being no other issues to address the meeting was dissolved with a vote of thanks by Prof. Sujit Kumar Khuntia, Coordinator, Member, Secretary.