The COEB has constituted Grievances Redressal Committee which ensures that all grievances are timely redressed with fair and acceptable decisions. This committee inquiries and analyses the nature and pattern of the grievances in a strictly confidential manner.

The objectives of the committee are as follows:

To receive and address grievances pertaining to charging of fees, admission policy, teaching methodology, teaching-learning process, syllabus completion, examination outcomes, non-transparent or unfair evaluation practices, and quality education.

To support the students who are deprived of the services offered by the Institute, for which he/she is entitled. To make the staff responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students

To ensure an effective solution to the students’ grievances related to any academic matters with an impartial and fair approach

To receive and address grievances pertaining to the provision of student amenities, ragging, sexual harassment

To receive and address grievances pertaining to discrimination by students from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, OBC, women, minority or disabled categories.