Research & Publications

Paper presented By Dr.Sasmita Nayak
1.) Presented a paper titled “Impact of Motivational Drive on Workforce Performance” in the “International Management Conference on “Re-Inventing the future of Work and Business: Challenge, Opportunities and the Path Ahead, held from 27th to 28th February, 2021 at KIIT School of Management, KIIT Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
2.) “Trend of Outsourcing HR Functions in India (with special reference to staffing) – in the International conference conducted at Humera Khan Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai.
3.) “HRM: strategies Optimizing Human Assets” in the 10th National Seminar organized by Srusti Academy of Management, Bhubaneswar.
4.) “A Study in HRD as a tool for Employee Engagement in Bharati Airtel” at the National Seminar on Employee Engagement and HR Initiative organized by P.G. Department of PM & IR, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.
5.) “Global Leadership Through Continuous Innovation” in IIPM-School of Management, Kansbahal, Rourkela, odisha.
6.) “Corporate Leadership Issues and Challenges” organized by P.G. Department of PM & IR, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.
7.) “Leadership Development” at National seminar organized by Institute of Business & Computer Studies, Bhubaneswar.
8.) “Green HRM for business sustainability” in International conference organized by Gandhi Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
9.) “Impact of Learning and Development Strategy on Organizational Performance” at International seminar organized by P.G. Department of PM & IR, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

Paper Published by Dr.Sasmita Nayak
1.) An Empirical Study on HRD Climate in Allahabad Bank in Odisha Published in Annual Research Journal GIMS, Gunupur, Odisha.
2.) A Study on the Concept and Mechanisms of Human Resource Development in Training and Development Journal Bhubaneswar Chapter.
3.) Training and its effectiveness at State Bank of India, Odisha, in IPSAR Management Review.
4.) HRD as an Alternative approach for industrial relations: A study on HRD climate of Public and Private Sector Banks in Book of Industrial Relations in Liberalized India Published by R.B. Publication.
5.) Human Resource Development Climate in Banks in Srusti Management Review Vol-1 IX. Jan-June 2016
6.) Green HRM for Business Sustainability in Indian Journal Scientific Research.
7.) Green Marketing-Its Application, Scope and Future in India in Indian Journal Scientific Research.
8.) Impact of Learning and Development Strategy on Organizational Performance in International Journal of Business.
9.) The Role of Stress Management in Balancing Professional and Personal Life of Employees: Special Reference to Leading Manufacturing Organization in Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management.
10.) Organization Culture & HRD Climate at Private Sector Bank in Universal Review, Vol-7, Issue X, October/2018.
11.) Exigency of Re-Skilling for Organizational and Employees Growth in International Journal of Business, Management and Allied Sciences.

Paper Published by Dr.Biswamohan Dash
1.) Promotional effort in 21st century by insurance companies
Indian journal of scientific research(UGC Approved)
Indian J sci.res14 (2):60-67, ISSN 2250-0138, Published on July 2017.
Indexed by UGC,CROSSREF and ROAD.
2.) E-CRM of insurance companies in 21st century:a study in odisha market
BIITM Business Review
Vol.8; No 1;ISSN – 2250-1533;Page no 70-81;published on june 2017.
3.) Innovation and customer Relationship Management in insurance sector;An Empirical Study in Odisha Market.
Dr.B.Dash, S.sahu
International journal of research and analytical review;IJRAR (UGC and ISSN Approved)
Vol. 7, Issue 1; E-ISSN-2348-1269; Page no 569-576, published on March 202 Digital Revolution and its impact on society
4.) Dr.B.Dash, N.Routra
International journal of research and analytical review;IJRAR (UGC and ISSN Approved)
Vol. 7, Issue 1; E-ISSN-2348-1269; Page no 632-635, published on April 2020.
5.) Impact of corona virus on economy with reference to India
International journal of multidisciplinary educational Research (IJMER); Scopus indexed and UGC approved.
Vol.9; issue 4;E-ISSN-2277-7881;Page no 67-75,published on April 2020.
6.) Influence of CRM in increasing customer awareness in insurance sector; an empirical study in odisha market.
Dr.B.Dash, S.S.Nanda, B.Mohapatra, N.Routra
Journal of critical reviews, scopus indexed journal.
Vol.7, issue 4, ISSN -2394-5125, page-1780-1785, published on August,2020
7.) The impact of customer relationship management on banking industry;an empirical study in Bhubaneswar market.
International journal of mechanical and production engineering research and development(IJMPERD),Scopus indexed,Trans stellar publication.
Vol.10,issue.3,ISSN NO.2249-8001,published on Sept 2020.
8.) Reeling of employment trends on Indian job market and post covid impact.
Dr.B.Dash, Dr.P.Bag, Dr.P.Tripathy, Dr.P.Patjoshi
Turkish journal of computer and mathematics education (TJCME), SCOPUS indexed journal, Trans stellar publication.
Vol.12,no-10(2021);page-4000-4008;ISSN-1309-4653,Published on May 2021.
9.) Impact of Covid on Indian mutual fund Industry; An empirical study
Dr.B Dash, Dr.S.S.Nanda
Empirical economics letters,a monthly international journal of economics,ABDC indexed (C- Category) Vol-21, Issue 2, ISSN -1681-8997, February, 2022

Paper Presented By Prof. Sitansu Ranjan Swain
1.) “Performance Appraisal methods in Pre-Pandemic and Pandemic Period’’inICMEBE at CUTM, Bhubaneswar March 2022.
2.) “Women Empowerment Through Marketing of Millets “at International Conference(Hybrid mode) Millets for Sustainable Society (ICMSS-2023) at GIET University ,Gunupur ,on 8th July 2023.

Publication By Prof. Sitansu Ranjan Swain
1.) Microfinance & Women Empowerment a Qualitative Study of Khurda District, Odisha, Mr.Sitansu Ranjan Swain,Dr.Vijaya Rudraraju, Dr.Sasmita Nayak , IJRAR - International journal of Research and Analytical Reviews,IJRAR | E-ISSN 2348-1269, P-ISSN 2349-5138, Page Number(s) - 524-536, Volume 10 | Issue 2 | May 2023, UGC Approved Journal No: 43602(19)