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  • Name : Dr. Parimal Kumar Giri
  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Email : parimal.6789@gmail.com
  • Contact No : +91 7873764933

SUBJECT TEACHING 1. Discrete Mathematics (DS), 2. Theory of Computation (TOC), 3. Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA), 4.Compiler Design (CD), 5. Machine Learning (ML), 6. Artificial Intelligence (AI), 7. Cryptography & Network Security (CN), 8. Computational Mathematics (CM), 9.Python Programming, 10. Computational Number Theory
AREA OF RESEARCH 1. Machine Learning 2. Evolutionary Optimization 3. Financial Engineering
AWARDS & HONOURS 1. Coach for ACM-ICPC World programming Contest. 2. Reviewer of International Journal of Engineering (IJE). 3. Journal of Network and Computer Applications (Elsevier).
MEMBER OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES 1. LM-37752-ISTE 2. ACM Member No. 1324091 3. Member of Institute of Actuaries of India, No: 24983 4. IACSIT No. 80345358, 5. IAENG No: 128932
  1. International Journal – 7
  2. National Journal – 3
  3. International Seminar / Conference – 10
  4. National Seminar / Conference – 02
  5. Books / Book Chapter- 1
EXTRA RESPONSIBILITY 1.Coordinator of BCA 2.Convener of final year MCA 3.Member of Ani-raging committee 4.Department Coordinator for NAAC


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Publication of Books / E-Content

  1. Editor and writer of Self Learning Materials of four Courses on Data Analytics, (license by Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0) for Odisha State Open University (State Govt.), Sambalpur, Odisha.