Seminar & Conferences

Sl No. Year Topic Name of Resource Person
01 2016 "3d Analysis of Building frame using Stadpro"   Prof. (Dr) M.R Barik, NIT Rourkela
02 2015 "Rural Sanitation" Prof. (Dr) P.K Pradhan, VSSUT Burla.
03 2014 Earthquake Resistance Design of Structures Prof. P. K. Dtta, IIT, KGP
04 2014 3D Analysis of Building Frame using STAD-PRO Prof. M. R. Barik, NIT, RKL
05 2014 Strength Characteristics of Fibre Reinforced Compacted Pond Ash SRI Mohammed Ali, NIT, Warangal
06 2014 Strength & Deformation behavior of jointed Rock mass Dr. Hari Krishna P, NIT, Warangal
07 2013 Current Trends & Challenges in Engineering & Computer Application & Technology Prof. K. C. Biswal, NIT, RKL
08 2013 Rural Sanitation Prof. P. K. Das, VSSUT, Burla
09 2013 Design & Construction of Steel Structures Prof. K. C. Biswal, NIT, RKL
10 2013 Title as Application of White Cement & Wall putty" was Organized by JK White Cement JK White Cement
11 2013 Civil & Environmental Engineering Education given the Societal Challenges related to Infrastructures Prof. M. R. Barik, NIT, RKL
12 2013 Hydrological Information System Prof. Ramakanta Jha, NIT, RKL
13 2012 Application of White Cement and Wall Putty P.K. Barik, Head of TechnicalServices,J.K. Cement
14 2012 Analysis & Design of Sheet Piles Prof. S. P. Singh, NIT, RKL
15 2012 Advances in Civil Engineering Prof. Pradeep Sarkar, NIT, RKL
16 2011 Geotechnical Properties of Fibre Reinforced Pond Ash Prof. S. P. Singh, NIT, RKL
17 2011 Soil Stabilization using Waste Fibre materials Prof. C. R. Patra, NIT, RKL
18 2011 Geotechnical Properties of Lightly Cemented Fly Ash Prof. S. K. Dash, NIT, RKL