The Department of MCA has its own library in addition to the Central Library of the Institute. The library is exclusive to the faculty members of MCA. The library regularly updates its inventory with the latest developments in MCA Research. The library holds books and materials relevant to class work, research work and also for competitive examinations. The library holds over 125 books of renowned authors.

Data structure using c 1.Fundamentals of Data Structure A.K. Rath SAITECH 2
2.Data structure in c Tannenbum PHI 1
3.Fundamentals of Data Structures in C Horowitz sahani Universities Press Pvt. Ltd 1
4. Data Structure and Algorithms G.A. V. Pai TMH 2
5. Data structure through c G.S Baluja   2
Object oriented programming with c ++ 1.Object oriented programming with C++ Kamthane Pearson 2
2. C++ programming E. Balguru Swamy TMH 1
3. C++ Primer plus Stephen Prata Pearson 1
Computer System Architecture 1.Computer System architecture M. Morris Mano   1
2. Computer organization and architecture William Stallings Pearson 1
3. Computer architecture Hamechar TMH 2
4. Computer Organization and Architecture V. Rajaraman, & T. Radhakrishnan  PHI 1
Theory of Computation 1.Introduction to the Theory of Computation Michael Sipser  CENGAGE learning India Pvt. Ltd., 1
2. Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation Aho, Ullman Pearson education 3
3. An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata Peter Linz Narosa Publishing 1
4.A text book on Automata Theory Nasir S.F.B., P.K. Srimani Cambridge University press 1
Computer Graphics 1.Computer Graphics with OpenGL Donald Hearn & M. Pauline Baker Pearson Education 1
2.Fundamentals of Multimedia Ze-Nian Li and Mark S. Drew Edward A. Angel PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd 1
3.Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach Using OpenGL James Foley Pearson Education 1
4. Interactive Computer Graphics A Top-Down Approach Using OpenGL Edward A. Angel  Pearson Education 1
5. OPENGL Super Bible Wright and Sweet Tech Media 1
Programming with Java 1. Introduction to Java Programming Y. Dinnel Liang Pearson Comprehensive edition 1
2. Programming with Java Mahesh P. Bhave & Sunil A. Patekar  Pearson 1
3. Programming with Java: A Primer  E. Balagurusamy, TMH 1
4. Big Java  Cay S. Horstmann  Wiley India 1
  5. Programming Languages Design and Implementation Terrence W Pratte, Zelkowitz PHI 1
Software Engineering 1. Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach  Press man McGraw-Hill 1
2. Software Engineering  Sommerville Pearson 1
3.Fundamentals of Software Engineering  Rajib Mall PHI Learning 1
4.Software Engineering: Volume-1, Volume-2 & Volume -3” Dines Bjørner Springer 1
  5. System Analysis and Design Kendal Kendali Prentice Hall 1
Compiler Design 1.Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools Alfred V. Aho, Monica S. Lam, Ravi Sethi Pearson Education 1
2. Compiler Construction: Principles and Practices  Kenneth C. Louden CENGAGE Learning India 1
3.Compiler Design G. Sudha Sadasivam SCITECH Publications 1
ERP 1.E-Business and E-Commerce Management  Dave Chaffey Pearson Education  1
2.Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning  Ellen Monk, Bret Wagner CENGAGE Learning India 1
3. E-Commerce  K.K.Bajaj, D. Nag TMH 1
Artificial Intelligence and Expert system  1. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach  Elaine Rich and Kevin Knight TMH 3
2. AI and Expert Systems:  Dann W Patterson PHI  2
3. Neural Network: Fundamentals Liang, and Bose TMH 1
Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML  1. “Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML”, Pearson Education  Michael R. Blaha and James R Rambaugh, 2nd edition Pearson 1
2., “Practical Object-Oriented Design with UML”,  Mark Priestley  2nd Edition, 2006, McGraw-Hill Education  1
3.The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual James Rumbaugh, Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson  Pearson Education 2nd Edition  1
4. Inside CORBA Distributed Object Standards and Application  Thomas J. Mowbray and Willim Ruh Pearson Publication. 1
Internet Technology and enterprise Java Architecture 1., “Internetworking with TCP/IP, Volume 1: Principles, Protocols and Architecture”,  Douglas E. Comer  5th  Edition, PHI Learning 1
2., “Developing Web Applications”, 2008,  Ralph Moseley  Wiley India  1
3. “The Java EE6 Tutorial”, Volume-1, Eric Jendrock, D. Carson, I. Evans, D. Gollapudi, K. Haase, C. Srivastha,  4th Edition, Pearson  1
4. CGI Programming Rafe Colburn Tech Media 1
Quantitative Techniques-II (Modeling & Simulation) 1. Introduction to Operations Research  Frederick S. Hiller, Gerald J. Lieberman  McGraw Hill Education   1
2., Simulation Sheldon M. Ross   4th edition Academic Press(an imprint of Elsevier),  1
Distributed Systems 1., “Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design”,  George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore and Tim Kindberg  Fourth Edition, Pearson Education   2
2., “Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms”,  Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Maarten van Steen  2nd Edition, PHI Learning   2
Computer Security/ Cyber Security/Network Security “Security in Computing”, Charles P. Pfleeger & Shari Lawrence Pfleeger  Fourth Edition, Pearson Education 1
“Computer Security: Principles and Practice”, William Stallings & Lawrie Brown  First Edition, Pearson Education,   
1.      Foundation Of cryptography Oded Goldreich Camridge Press 1
2.      Computer Ethics Deborah G. Jonson Pearson 1
3.      Network Security and Cryptography Bernard Menezes Cengage 7
1.      Digital Signature and  Network Security Kailash N Gupta PHI 1
Computer Networks 1.      Data communications and networking Behrouz A. Forouzan Fourth Edition, TMH 1
2.      Data and Computer Communications William Stallings Eighth Edition, PHI 1
3.      Computer Networks Andrew S. Tanenbaum Third Edition, PHI 2
Programming in C language 1.      Programming with C Byron S Gottfried Second Edition TMH 1
2.      ANSI C E Balaguruswamy Fourth Edition, TMH 5
Digital Image Processing 1.      Digital Image Processing  B. Chanda PHI 1
  2.      Fundamental of Electronic Image processing  Arthur R Weeks PHI 1
Multimedia 1.      Multimedia on tha Web Stephen, McLaughlin PHI 1
2.      Multimedia Literacy  Fred T. Hofstetter TMH 1
Database / Oracle 1.      Oracle Programming with Visual Basic Nick Nuddle BPB 1
Wireless Communication 1.      Information Technology and Wireless Communication  Prof. Sunil Rao Khanna Publication 1